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Business communications are at the heart of top class customer experience, company productivity and your teams’ ability to work flexibly and efficiently.  Mobile devices and services are more central to the ways businesses communicate with their customers, suppliers and employees, which means it’s more important than ever to make sure you are able to enjoy the benefits of a mobile working style, paired with the reliability and consistency of a proven hosted communication system.

Benefits of Connect

Connect integrates your mobile phones with Entropie’s Horizon cloud telephony service, bringing landline, mobile and desktop communications together. By combining the flexibility of mobiles and the business-critical features provided by Horizon, Connect allows mobile users to retain access to their Horizon features to help streamline their workflow operations and improve their responsiveness to customers.

Reduce mobile clutter

Make and take calls to your office number without digging into a data bundle and with no requirement for an App.  By making your device the primary dialler, control is easy, service is cost effective and most mobiles can be used.

Improve your customer experience

Improve your employees’ availability and responsiveness with one business number whilst keeping ownership over the way you want to work. There is no need to publish and organise a range of mobile numbers, your staff will receive calls to their business number wherever they are.

Provide a local service

Allow your users to easily present your business number from their mobile.  Calls are more likely to be answered and supports your consistent, professional appearance.

Extend call recording to your mobile workers

Record calls across all your devices whether in the office or on the move, making sure that training, quality assurance and compliance needs don’t hold your staff back.

One voicemail

Never miss an important voicemail again. Connect synchronises your fixed and mobile service, allowing your users to access and respond to their messages from any location, using any device.

Complete visibility

Gain a complete picture of the customer experience across your entire organisation.  Use Connect to offer an informed analysis of all calls made, received and missed, your customers wait time and your agents’ availability: all updated in real time across your mobiles, desktop applications and handsets.

For further information on Connect, please contact a member of our team on 01908 324270

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