Entropie are pleased to announce that they have recently introduced PhoneLine+ into their portfolio of communication solutions. Ideally positioned for UK micro businesses, PhoneLine+ will be offered alongside their existing range of hosted telephony solutions, providing further choice to their customers.

PhoneLine+ is a feature-rich call voice solution that has been specifically designed to replace the traditional landline service using the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to deliver calls over the broadband network, at a highly competitive price. 

PhoneLine+ supports all the standard features expected of a traditional telephone line, including Voicemail, Call Divert, Call Hold, Contact Directory, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding and Number Withholding, but this internet calling service goes even further, providing extra features designed to make your life easier. 

Below are some of the additional applications of PhoneLine+ that could benefit your business:

  • Choice of Access - Stay connected with your team and your customers while you are on the go. PhoneLine+ can be accessed on a choice of devices, including computers, laptops, IP phones, tablets, mobile phones, or traditional handsets using an adaptor.
  • Multiple Numbers - You can have more than one phone number per subscriber, so you can choose to use dedicated numbers for different departments of your business. This means you can anticipate the reason for the call and answer accordingly, improving your customer’s overall experience.
  • Out of Hours Profile - Set a specific out of hours message and choose how you want calls to be directed when you are closed for business, rather than just unavailable. 
  • Call Analytics - You can access a range of graphs, charts and reports to see your call patterns and usage trends, check that calls are being answered in your absence, and monitor progress against business goals. 
  • Quick & Easy Set-Up - Once you have signed up, PhoneLine+ is delivered immediately via email, so there is no waiting for an engineer to call. Simply download the app or soft client to your device(s) of choice and start making and receiving calls immediately. 
  • Intuitive Interface - PhoneLine+ has been designed with usability in mind and comes hand-in-hand with an easy-to-use online hub, which puts you in control of your calls and keeps you connected with your customers.

If you are interested in learning more about PhoneLine+ or you would like a product demonstration, please contact one of their Certified Experts on 01908 324270 or email info@entropie.co.uk

Entropie's products include fixed & IP telephony solutions, hosted cloud telephony systems, business mobile, business-grade Internet broadband and data connections, unified communications and network infrastructure solutions.

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