Save money on your business phone costs

It’s easy to save money on your business phone costs. Switch to Entropie and start saving immediately by making all your calls through our network. We only use the top-tier major network carriers, ensuring quality and reliability at all times. It’s hassle free and your calls will be significantly lower in cost.

By combining our voice services with line rental, call minutes and other connectivity services, you can save even more money, plus you get the simplicity of everything on one bill from one provider. We are well known for our excellent customer service from our knowledgeable, friendly, UK-based support team.

By switching to Entropie, you will be with one of the largest providers of connectivity services for business in the region. Because we are business only, we can focus on giving our customers the most reliable business-grade services, coupled to the most responsive customer service.

Key Points

  • Line rental and call charges much lower than BT
  • Tailored, competitive and flexible tariffs
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers
  • Easy to switch – no site visits, no hassle
  • One bill for all calls and line rental
  • One point of contact
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Calls and Lines

Most commonly asked questions

Can I keep my existing phone number? -  Yes. Contact us and we’ll switch you onto our network so your calls are routed automatically. No need to dial any prefix numbers or install special equipment.

How quick is the transfer process? - We can normally transfer your existing lines and calls to Entropie within 10 working days.

Are my calls protected from fraudulent activity? – Our fraud management tool that ensures you don’t fall victim to the ever-growing threat of phone fraud and hacking. By switching to Entropie we can protect your business from criminals hacking into your phone system and making expensive international calls using your phone number.

How much can I save on my phone bill? - Send us one of your current phone bills and we’ll show you how much you can save with Entropie. You could be saving as much as 35% on your phone charges – some businesses can make even greater savings.

How will I be billed? - We’ll make life easier for you by providing your calls and lines on one simple, detailed bill. If you take other Entropie services as well, such as broadband or mobile, they’ll all appear on one bill –We can even give you a log in to your own online portal through our website, so you can access your bill at any time.

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