Virtual Numbers are telephone numbers that are not fixed landlines. They provide great flexibility and many advanced line features. Virtual numbers can be updated in real time online, meaning you can change where your calls are being diverted to instantly. 

If your organisation were to move offices to a different area, quite often your traditional fixed line provider will not allow you to take the number with you to your new premises. A change in number could have a huge impact on your customers’ ability to contact you, and the cost of changing your collateral and advertising with your telephone number on could be very high. Using virtual numbers prevents this, as you can change where the calls are being diverted to instantly.

Non Geographic Numbers (NGN) are calls made to numbers beginning in 03, 05, 08, 116 & 118. You can use NGNs to support direct response marketing campaigns, for customer service lines, to improve the efficiency of call answering management and to create a wider geographical reach to contact your customers from a local area code.

In addition to NGN services, we can also provide you with a comprehensive set of Enhanced Call Plans. These allow business end-users to have multiple routing options for a single number based on various parameters, such as time of day, day of the week and area of call origination. These can add significant value to your marketing activities and your customer management services.

Virtual & NGN Numbers

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