High-Bandwidth connectivity for your business 

Our range of Ethernet services is the answer for many businesses, whether it be SMEs, major enterprises, carriers, operators, or others requiring a business-class connectivity solution.

Entropie Ethernet is a premium service for businesses demanding high-availability and high capacity connectivity. It’s provided as a dedicated symmetric connection, up to 10Gbps using fibre optic technologies with the option to converge voice and data onto one network.

Ethernet connections are often used by organisations that require faster, more reliable internet or site-to-site access. The amount of bandwidth required on the service is determined by the amount of data used, the number of users and the number of applications running at a given time.

A fully managed and monitored service, it is backed by our exacting SLA’s, giving you peace of mind and leaving you free to concentrate on your business. 

Key Points

  • High capacity and flexible connectivity
  • Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth
  • Voice and data convergence
  • 24/7 monitoring and helpdesk
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Maximise productivity
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Entropie Ethernet

The benefits of Entropie Ethernet

There are several key features and associated benefits with our Ethernet service:

High capacity and flexible connectivity – Our Ethernet service delivers up to 10Gbps dedicated bandwidth. Not only is it fast, but also flexible, as bandwidth can be upgraded when needed.

Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth - The high availability and low latency afforded by our network makes this the ideal connectivity for cloud-based services.

Voice and data convergence – Not only do you benefit from the significant cost savings gained by consolidating your voice and data to one connection, but you also get the confidence of dealing with the market leaders in IP telephony.

24/7 monitoring and helpdesk - Our services are monitored and supported 24/7 to ensure consistency of performance and immediate response to issues.

Service Level Agreement - Our comprehensive SLAs cover delivery, performance, availability and time to fix, giving you peace of mind and leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Dedicated, reliable, high-speed internet access

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