The cost-effective and flexible alternative to ISDN

SIP trunks offer a more flexible and lower cost alternative to ISDN for telephone calls. SIP trunking is the latest technology replacement for traditional ISDN services. SIP trunks generally connect to your telephone system via a broadband Internet connection or an ethernet private circuit.

Compared to ISDN our SIP trunking service is less costly per channel and more flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used. It’s also quicker to install and provision and, as standard, it delivers extremely robust business continuity.

The service can support connections ranging from two channels for small businesses to an unlimited number of channels for large enterprises and contact centres.

Our SIP trunks work seamlessly with many of the leading telephone system brands in the UK market. Most businesses with a telephone system can switch to our SIP trunking service and immediately benefit from a more flexible, less expensive and more resilient phone service for calls.

Key Points

  • Save money on call costs and line rental
  • Unrivalled network quality
  • Scale up and down when you want
  • Built-in business continuity
  • Number flexibility
  • Service Level Agreement
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Entropie SIP Trunks

Most commonly asked questions

How resilient is SIP trunking? - SIP trunking is now a mature service enjoyed by thousands of UK organisations and this alone is testimony to the reliability of SIP. For added reassurance while you switch to us, SIP trunking can even be used with existing ISDN connections to ensure the transition goes smoothly.

What’s the quality like? - From the moment we connect your SIP trunking service, you will enjoy all the reliability, resilience and quality that comes from working with our SIP trunk partners.

What if we’re moving office? - Number flexibility with SIP trunking means that you can keep your existing number, even when moving out of the area, saving you on printed company literature and stationery costs. We can easily transfer your old or existing numbers too so that you can avoid expensive remote call forwarding or call diversion charges. With CLI flexibility you can also decide which number you want to display on a call by call basis – great for contact centres.

What if we want to add or remove some of our lines? – With SIP trunks you can scale up or down the number of trunks you require. Typically, with analogue or ISDN services you may need to wait up to 20 working days, however with SIP you can change the number of trunks you require in a matter of minutes.

The cost-effective and flexible alternative to ISDN

SIP solutions for your business

Number flexibility - Entropie SIP Trunks support business relocations by enabling a geographic number to be retained without call forwarding costs. This ensures business continuity and reduces the costs of having to change company stationery, listings and advertisements. As a leading communications provider we can also supply out-of-area geographic number ranges to make your organisation appear local, even without a physical presence.

Business-grade voice and internet convergence - With our SIP trunks delivered over our Converged Business Broadband or Entropie Ethernet, you’ll have a high-quality voice and data service from just one connection, making for significant cost savings.

Business continuity - Businesses of all sizes need a business continuity plan for telephony. Combine our SIP trunks with our Inbound service and your callers will always get through. Set automated call plans or simply divert published numbers to backup locations or mobile devices – instantly and from anywhere.

SIP Trunks

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