Keeping employees connected – anytime, anywhere

Today’s mobile workforce requires access to secure and reliable communication and collaboration tools regardless of location, in order to deliver a seamless and consistent service to their customers.  Mitel Phone Manager Mobile app delivers smarter communications, between colleagues, customers and partners, enabling people to connect and collaborate more easily and effectively, no matter where they are or how they work.

Mitel Phone Manager Mobile app has been designed to connect you to your MiVoice Office 250 phone system whilst you’re on the move.  This smartphone application brings you many of the same great features you enjoy with Mitel Phone Manager desktop edition and keeps you connected when you leave the office.

Mitel Phone Manager Mobile app extends Mitel Phone Manager’s productivity enhancing tools directly to your smartphone.  With its presence, instant messaging, softphone and corporate directory capabilities, Mitel Phone Manager Mobile is delivering an in-office experience for all of your mobile employees.

 Key Points

  • Presence management
  • Missed call & voicemail notifications
  • Access company directories
  • Embedded SIP softphone
  • Access call history
  • Chat with desktop or mobile users
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Mitel Phone Manager Mobile

A better way to stay mobile

Built-in Softphone - When making calls from Phone Manager Mobile you can turn your smartphone into a PBX softphone to make calls on the network at your office. Internal calls are free and if you have call recording then business conversations are logged alongside calls from regular desk phones. Calls can be placed on hold and transferred if required as if you are in the office, even though you are on the move. Softphone calls can be made over Wi-Fi or optionally the cellular network if required.

Access Corporate Directories - View one of the internal business groups or simply use the search facility to locate users, the corporate directory or your smartphone contacts.  Mitel Phone Manager Mobile provides you with access to all of your contacts in a single location.

Notifications - With its straight forward and intuitive user interface Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App provides you with notifications for voicemail, missed calls, chat messages and can even show you the status of your favourite contacts all from your home screen.

Embrace a fully flexible workforce

Take control of your mobile workforce

Presence - Easily manage your individual presence status and save time when contacting colleagues by knowing whether they are on the phone, away from their desk or available for an instant message chat. Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App introduces the concept of ‘presence profiles’ which combine the ‘Do Not Disturb’, UCD Hunt Group Login and ‘dynamic extension’ features of the MiVoice Office 250 to deliver optimized routing and presence visibility to the rest of your team. You can easily switch between presence profiles and you can add a personal message to better communicate your status to your colleagues

Communicate on the Go - When you’re used to how Mitel Phone Manager on your desktop PC keeps you efficient and in touch with your corporate team, Mitel Phone Manager Mobile App now sets you free and allows you to take Mitel Phone Manager with you! See and dial your corporate directory and call history or respond to chat and voicemail messages whether you are inside or outside your office.  

Mitel Phone Manager Mobile