What is ISDN and why is the service ending?

ISDN is a digital phone line service which was revolutionary over a quarter of a century ago improving the voice quality of calls as opposed to analogue lines at the time.  This, along with older services, is currently being phased out by BT in the United Kingdom as it is deemed end of life technology.

When is this going to happen?

Several countries have already made the switch, and many are getting close. Countries affected so far are Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. In the UK - BT are expected to reach the end of sale of ISDN services in 2020 with ISDN services expected to be switched off on the BT network in 2025.

What is going to replace ISDN lines?

The new technology is called Sessions Initiated Protocol (SIP) It is a more modern telephony solution that uses the internet to deliver voice calls through a single connection. Using SIP trunks with your business telephone system utilises VoIP technology with benefits including:

  • Cheaper Calls - SIP allows for inclusive call bundles. So that is free calls!
  • Speed - New SIP lines can be installed far quicker than traditional lines
  • Cost - They are also far cheaper to install

What do you need to do?

Businesses currently using ISDN will need to migrate their service onto a SIP Trunk connection. Doing this sooner rather than later will ensure you have no loss of service or business productivity. Avoid being caught in the bottleneck of last-minute mass migrations to SIP – just contact Entropie to discuss what you need today!

SIP Migration Steps

  • Understand - Your current infrastructure
  • Consider - Your technology requirements
  • Choose - Your preferred technology

Why do I need to be ready for SIP?

With the ISDN Switch Off, migrating to SIP technology should be a business priority. SIP Trunks are here and proved to be reliable, so no reason to wait.  Plan your timed change over to suit your timescales with no business disruption, you remain in control to an event that is going to happen.

What are the risks if I don’t migrate?

The ‘ISDN Switch Off’ has long been underway and will be replacing traditional phone lines meaning your existing lines will stop. To ensure your business avoids down time, loss of productivity and income the time to upgrade is now.

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