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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a commonly used technology in today’s business to deliver voice communications over multiple applications. It is increasingly replacing the 2-wire copper connection found in many traditional telephone system platforms.

Why are so many companies moving to a VoIP enabled device? The main reasons are flexibility, mobility, collaboration and reliability.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, you probably want to know the details about how VoIP outpaces your old 2-wire device? Well, here are 7 key reasons to consider a VoIP enabled device for your business: -

1. More Flexibility

IP desk phones deliver a modern call experience, while mobile apps enable work from anywhere and softphones give employees instant access to calls with just a headset. All of these options mean a VoIP device frees you from the tethers of your old phone. Employees can easily work from anywhere, using any device, with full access to all the communications tools they need to stay on top of their work.

Seamless transition from desktop to smartphone lets employees become more agile, without any compromise. Flexibility is particularly important for smaller businesses that need to get maximum performance out of smaller teams.

2. More Mobility

If you want to attract and retain talented employees, you’ve got to provide them with a quality mobile communications solution. A VoIP device is designed to support mobility, which is critical to today’s on-the-go employees. Even those who spend most of their time in the office demand the freedom from their desk, but they still need to be reachable at all times. VoIP gives your team the mobile support it needs and wants.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as the ability to text co-workers from their business line with SMS, are just some of the ways a VoIP device supports mobile workers. Other possible features include Siri and Bluetooth integration, which keeps your employees safe with a hands-free experience whilst they’re on the road.

3. Better Collaboration

Needing to work extra hours out of the office for a big project? Perhaps working from home so you can pick up your children from school? No matter where you are, a VoIP device makes collaboration easy. Join a conference call with a single click or get a quick chat answer from a member of your team. In either case, individual and group messaging has you covered with a VoIP enabled platform.

You can take collaboration to a whole new level with the right VoIP device - employees can communicate from any device, even starting a conversation on one and continuing it on another–seamlessly. Improve collaboration on projects using shared workspaces that track and assign tasks and also share files. With every team member equipped with a VoIP device, collaborative project deadlines can be met!

4. More Productivity

What business doesn’t list increasing productivity among its top goals? A VoIP device helps you hit that target in more ways than one.

The days of basic call functionality on your old phone are in the past. The right VoIP system comes with game-changing features, such as audio and video conferencing, desktop sharing, individual and group chat with built-in messaging and business SMS. With so many options, communication is always on, giving employees the option to communicate and share ideas over multiple channels, to ultimately get the job done more quickly. Can your old phone do that?

5. Integrations

Modern businesses use a range of communications tools and systems to support their operations and serve their customers. Jumping from one platform to another wastes time and makes it more difficult for employees to do their jobs. The right VoIP system, with the right VoIP device, provides all the integrations a business needs to excel.

Simple email and calendar integrations let team members schedule events quickly and stay on top of the latest company and product information. CRM integration gives employees instant access to detailed customer and client data, making interactions more personalised. Web dialler and telephony integrations allow workers to manage calls from a web browser and connect directly from emails or calendar events. They can even view a contact’s presence to see if they’re free to talk.

6. Great Reliability

Stop worrying about dropped customer calls and bad connections, a well-designed VoIP phone system that’s built on a reliable and secure network removes any headaches and provides complete peace of mind.

The latest VoIP protocols provide the ultimate in reliability and security. Instead of worrying about whether or not a call will go through, you can focus on strategic plans and growing the business.

7. Easier Scalability

Phones connected to landlines and wires don’t scale easily. There’s just too much hardware involved. It’s exactly the opposite with a VoIP device. Adding additional devices is simple and fast.

A VoIP device also allows you to mix and match the functionality necessary to best support your business. As your needs change, a VoIP system grows and changes with them. Upgrade permissions in real time and subscribe only to the features your employees require. If you’re not ready for CRM integration, then don’t pay for it. If your team is small, opt for conferencing and sharing options for a small group so you don’t pay for seats you can’t fill.


When your old phone goes head-to-head with a VoIP enabled device, the results are clear that VoIP provides enhanced functionality and increased productivity. Employees have access to a wider and more robust suite of communication tools and can access them from multiple devices. Make the VoIP switch today!

Article originally produced and reprinted from Mitel website. Retrieved from: https://www.mitel.com/en-gb/blog/7-key-differences-between-your-old-phone-and-your-new-voip-device

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