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Entropie are pleased to announce the introduction of NEC Communication Solutions into their portfolio to be offered alongside our existing platforms, providing further choice to our customers.

NEC is a world leader in the manufacture of electronics equipment and have built up a valued reputation in the telecommunications industry for future technologies, research and development. Today, the group employs over 100,000 people worldwide which has helped it achieve the accolade of the world’s top selling phone system manufacturer.

The NEC product range is highly scalable and offers a wide variety of solutions for the modern business across many industry sectors. Specific advanced features from this platform will appeal especially for our healthcare, retail and logistics customers!

Support for VoIP, SIP Trunks and its In-Built call management applications makes the NEC a versatile platform whilst taking advantage of the latest technologies.

Their telephone systems are fast, reliable and possess an array of features to choose from whilst still providing great value for money. NEC phone systems, with the ability to connect multiple sites, will work effectively in small or large businesses and will integrate with your Computer and CRM systems to help streamline your communications further.

Here are just some of the features and applications that could help your businesses benefit from higher productivity:

  • Mobile Applications: NEC phone systems allows your, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device to become your extension.
  • MyCalls: MyCalls is an application that includes a range of call management solutions that can be easily personalised to suit your needs.
  • Conference Bridging: With NEC telephone systems, clients, colleagues & suppliers can dial into a virtual meeting room any-time.
  • Smart Voicemail: NEC phone systems allows for smart voicemail options, that knows when you are on another call, allows you to access your voicemails via email, or even have them forwarded.

If you are interested in an NEC phone system or you have an existing NEC phone system and are looking for a new service provider, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01908 324270 or email nec@entropie.co.uk

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