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Wednesday 21 September 2016

What makes great teaching?

  Posted by Hetan Mistry




Summer holidays seemed to have flown by as quickly as they came and the kids are now settling back into the school routine. During the break Entropies’ engineers have worked tirelessly on an impressive 10 school projects, carrying out works for schools in the surrounding region, London and as far as Huddersfield.

Technology Planning within Schools
Online connectivity and learning is essential for schools today, but all too often, school decision makers approach technology planning with trepidation, and rightly so.  The choices can seem overwhelming, and mistakes can be costly.

Our engineers worked alongside head teachers and other decision makers in both primary and secondary schools to help them make the right decisions for their school’s network infrastructure and to ensure they were informed of the most suitable new technologies and how to make the best use of them.

With all the work we have undertaken during the summer vacation, such as cabling for wireless installations, Cat5 and Cat6 Cabling for new state of the art ICT suites and classrooms, we at Entropie are now filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment to know that the solutions we have provided will play a major part in affording teachers the time and tools to deliver great teaching that will see students (our kids) achieving their true potential and hopefully see them leave school with the confidence to attain their future success.

What we did last summer!

Tudor Hall School, one of the oldest girls boarding schools in Britain we upgraded some of their network infrastructure with a 10Gb of fibre backbone. This included cabling to link various campus buildings all to the central server location and re-commissioning of their structured copper scheme within the main building.

Huddersfield Grammar School is a thriving independent school set in beautiful grounds with a Grade II listed main building which was part of the original school founded in the 1930s. Over the years, the school has undergone many changes, with this year seeing further refurbishment of staff rooms and the development of new outbuilding to facilitate additional classrooms.  Entropie was commissioned to introduce suitable connectivity for both the refurbished and new build areas, ensuring all was in place for the new academic year.

With our experience working with school’s network infrastructures, we know that future needs can be realistically anticipated to give their network the performance and resilience required over the medium to long term.
We make sure that we understand the needs of the 'network escalator': meaning the more you provide, the more it is required and the more significant its limitations become and make plans to ensure that a schools networks can meet its escalating demands.

As soon as we can help a school improve its network, we know it will work better, that more resources and services will be made available on it, staff and students become more reliant upon it - and it get will undoubtedly get used more.

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